Practical tips for success in middle school or baccalaureate certificate
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 Practical tips for success in middle school or baccalaureate certificate

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مُساهمةموضوع: Practical tips for success in middle school or baccalaureate certificate   الأربعاء 10 فبراير - 19:11

Practical tips for success in middle school or baccalaureate certificate
Practical tips for success in middle school or baccalaureate certificate
Tips submitted by several professors Allah reward you
Dear pupil, this set of tips that may help in planning to proceed with your culminating in recent testimony as a result of the ongoing work
1 the first thing that must be understood and you kissed a certificate you kissed the exam as the rest of the exams that you have passed before, imagine that you are about to get a big fight and that chances of success which few 0
2 and now have gotten rid of the problem of fear that must build confidence in yourself and in yourself is an essential factor for success must be confident in your abilities and do not question and don't think I start failing now, your main goal is success and only success the idea of repetition, start thinking where 0
3 after that sharpen and ascertain from your trust in your abilities it's time now to develop curriculum consistent with mental abilities first and your second semester here I advise students as follows
Before everything you strive to God at all is so easy for you, before you start any work say faith "in the name of Allah, I rely on God and no power and no strength except in Allah" God is specified in each order and invite him purely to help you in your study 0
No external references at all breeding material that a tremendous amount of information in each article but you have only two references in each article in order to avoid boredom and frustration of frequent information and explanations 0
Allocate time for review of individual and collective review time and I advise not exceed your collective lessons of more than two 0
Customize an hour or two in the morning to save material as you would be in the best mental abilities and energy alastaab am more than evening times 0
Avoid staying up late at night and I would recommend that the review times are between 8 p.m. and 10 p.m., the lesson is not to ensure much useless if you feel tired, not Mansoor on your mind because it won't absorb anything however much of a review, you must give your body a rest and don't forget study am much better study at night 0
You should not be eating abound at night because the abundance of food is a cause of sleep and I think most of us probably don't meat cravings to sleep after dinner at the start of the review 0
A place to review away from sleeping bed 0
You should also remember that success is the result of a continuous effort in it don't leave lessons you accumulate you done it will infiltrate through boredom and despair to rectify all tutorials 0
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Practical tips for success in middle school or baccalaureate certificate
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